IMS Events is an experiential marketing company that’s about executing unique ideas and innovative solutions, Creating vibrant, Engaging experiences to bring your brand and consumers closer together.o

We don’t just plan events, We provide all the support you need, From strategic planning to content creation and design.

We’ve got a hands-on approach, And a willingness to break the mould  to deliver the brand experience you’re looking for, Just the way you imagined it.

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We know that the key to a memorable experience lies in the little things. 

What We Do :

  • Below the line Activities (BTL)
  • Conference
  • Road show
  • Mall Activity
  • Product Launch
  • School Activity
  • Dealer Meet
  • General Trade
  • Modern Trade
  • News Paper 
  • Insert Short

Digital Event Hosting :

  • Live Event By Youtube
  • Video Shooting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet Promotion
  • Film Making
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